Monday, May 02, 2005


Sunlight streams
Through the
Leaves lighting
Faded feelings
Making memories

Two times
We watch
Remembrances reappear
While wine
Tickles tongues

The taste
Of olives
Lingers long
Bringing back
Pristine ponderings


musafir said...

It's very teasing the way you invite interpretation.

"Two times" - Is it because first it's through one's eyes and the second time it's through the other's? Ah, will have to read it again :-)

Subtle. Simple. Soothing. The imagery and the setting exquisite!

And as in your previous posts, the photograph and the words complement each other quite wonderfully!

KJ said...

at a loss of words, how should i express what i felt when i read some of ur posts.... will drop by to say hello again.

gulnaz said...

hmmmmm...your poem feels like a glorious afternoon and tastes like red wine, warmed. :)
b e a u t i f u l .:A:.

gulnaz said...

Sunlight streams
Through the
Leaves lighting
Faded lighting a fire on cold winter night...a revelation.
While wine
Tickles tongues...very sensual.
Pristine the contrast of this line against the sensuality of the above...and how one leads to another.

Anil said...

love the alliteration and the sense of quietness and peace about this poem...and I need not not add that the words complement the picture beautifully..

stan laurel said...

I love your use of sensory language. Rarely do writers use taste in their poems. I love how the language

Lingers long
Bringing back
Pristine ponderings

I know it has already been said, but you use alliteration well.

Aradhita said...

Aah..sweet memories of running on parallel tracks you notice, that while running on parallel tracks the eye forms an illusion of the tracks coinciding at a distance? Yet we never really reach that point... in reality!

Phal said...

oh my god! (and i hate saying that) I just took a similar picture and did similar things...Its so mediterranean, this whole imaqge you brought. Oh I've been away from blogs far too long!

jonny ragel said...

that is sweet. olives. light. a little shade. what more could you want? besides the cognac and conversation, that is.

Ash said...

Pristine ponderings

Almost felt those sunbeams on my face !

Akruti said...

well,beyond words,guess for nothing comes to my heart as to how i describe it.So,i just read it and vanish from here:)
u r on my bloglist,so i wont be lost next time:)

Pincushion said...

Loved the way you have used alliterations all through out in every line!

sunlight streams..
remembrances reappear.
lingers long..
pristine ponderings..

very very musical!!

Anonymous Poet said...

Musing . . . gentle musing . . . .

Ubermensch said...

ditto anonymous

mermaid said...

awesome alliteration

J said...

your post, though not exactly a poem, has something lyrical about it, its quaint, just like every other post of yours.


livinghigh said...

mmm... yes, wine does tickle my tongue... it wud be wonderful to spend an afternoon under the shade of a tree on a picnic rug, with an open bottle of wine, na?

sigh... daydream time again...

Jessica said...

the subtlety here is intrigueing it draws you in and tempts you to paint the scene in your own mind. I like when I can see it in my mind as clearly as I can this piece.

seekinsoul said...

Hmmm...its always about memories, isn't it?

Geetanjali said...

Loved the alliterations and the general mood of the poem. Made me think of summer in Provence (not that I've ever spent summer in RPovence, but of what I've read abt it, your poem captures its very essence!)

Wine does tickle the tongue doesn't it? Wonderful way of describing it!

jenn see said...

very much a feeling of clarity, of a highlighted moment, in this piece.

Anonymous said...

wonderful poem! , nice picture the way you shot this pics.

Zee said...

what a wonderful moment to be part of!

Brood Mode said...

The way you string words together is amazing. I'm so glad i came across such superior writing.

Sudarshan said...

.:A:., this is music. Lovely!

erratica said...

Sunlight streams
Through the
Leaves lighting
Faded feelings
its just soooooooo beautiful. it creates an imagery in front of ur eyes, u dont even need to look at that picture and classy alliteration :)

. : A : . said...

musafir - Interpretation is everything. I won't cloud yours by telling you. ;-) Thanks for your words.

KJ - Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

gulnaz - It was a glorious afternoon, but the wine was white! ;-)

Anil, Akruti, Pincushion, Anonymous Poet, Ubermensch, mermaid, J, jenn see, eden, Sudarshan, erratica - Thanks.

stan laurel - The use of taste is a bit rare, but it is such a wonderful sense to reflect on.

Aradhita - Yes, I have noticed!

Phal - It is pretty mediterranean, isn't it? That was what came to my mind too.

johnny crash - Nothing more.

Ash - Aren't they wonderful?

livinghigh - Dream on!

Jessica - Glad you can relate.

seekinsoul - Not always.

Geetanjali - It made me feel Mediterranean, even though I have never been there!

Zee - Yes, it was!

Brood Mode - Thanks for your wonderful words.

Rayford Gillan said...


. : A : . said...

Rayford Gillan - Thank you. Your link leads to a closed account?