Saturday, April 30, 2005

Black & White

Pebble by pebble, the story came together.
Pebble by pebble, the river traced its path.
Pebble by pebble, it all unfolded.

* * *

The story came together in front of my eyes. It was unlike any other story that I had seen before. It was pristine in its simplicity. Captivating in its boldness. And mesmerizing in its presentation. It was no ordinary story. And it came together pebble by pebble.

The river traced its path through this story. It came out of nowhere and gently went over each pebble. Drowning them and taking them into its great expanse. Into the story that it was. It was creation and recreation at the same time. And it traced its path pebble by pebble.

It all unfolded as everything happened everywhere. A perfectly synchronized harmony that is life, played in the background. And the background melted and slowly everything started to fall into its own. Each was seen for what it was and the whole did not exist anymore. And it all unfolded pebble by pebble.


mermaid said...

This is patient in the telling, pebble by pebble. It reminds me of an infant learning to crawl, then walk, then run. It all unfolds, one day at a time, just as the story of our life unravels one string length at a time.

For someone who's "shit scared" of the great unknown, you are certainly finding your way.

Elixir said...

yeah...pebble by pebble...
more like word by word...the nightmare unfolding. the things u didnt believe would be tested, then things u didnt believe you wouldnt remember.
and as the story unfolded, the clock was ticking away.. ppl scribbling...perfectly synchronized harmony that is da exam frenzy
but finally its over. will take a few days to get over it all.

and btw mermaid, i think u put it beautifully:)

gulnaz said...

to me it seems you are talking about the moment in life where everything becomes clear; all the whys and what-fors get their answers. like finally when it all makes sense...glad you have reached that at a point in life where my mind is totally muddled up.
very beautifully etched post.

musafir said...

Stumbled across your blog a few days ago, and it's been one of the best discoveries that I've made for some time now.

Brilliant writing. Anything else I say will be just redundant.

Found the title of your latest post intriguing after reading the post itself. Is it because suddenly everything is in Black & White and there are no grays? And everything is falling into place and making sense??

Geetanjali said...

And that's how God weaved the tapestry of life didn't he? Dropping a pebble at a time into the river of our life?

Beauitful thoughts and imagery August...

(As for your previous post - it made me think alot, about how we are always searching for answers, and when we stumble across it one fine day, we are surprised at how it wa always right there!! That perspective on the photo was damn interesting - the world all tipped crazily trying to correct the balance...)

Akruti said...

I cried,i screamed,i asked god for the answers,i felt helpless,fought for answers.Tried to run away from the darklanes of uncertainity,but then somehwhere deep down the tunnel,i see the light,i see the mystery unfolding,i can see the darkness giving away to light,stories of life unfolding at their own pace and at their own will,Well,then i realised,how much ever i try to rush things on,life will sure takes own time to answer all the questions.
Well,this reality sure helped me to live in peace.

. : A : . said...

mermaid - Yes, the story of life unravels one string length at a time. I only try to find my way. The great unknown beckons! ;-)

Elixir - You're back! And with an exam hangover I see. :-)

gulnaz - Good perspective. "the whys and what-fors" are a moving target and an answer today could become a question tomorrow.

musafir - Thanks for your wonderful words. On the title, it could be what you have highlighted. To me it was slightly different though. This was because this piece was written with a different background in mind. I am glad that you like the writing and enjoy the blog. Hope to see you again soon.

Geetanjali - Yes. A pebble at a time into the creation of life.

Neelima - Thanks for your perspective. Enjoyed it as usual.

musafir said...

Thanks a lot - will be back again!!

Akruti said...

well,i am honoured that u liked it:) thanks,can i blogroll u.and i make it sure to ask before i do:) waiting for the answer.

gulnaz said...

I came across a sufi poem which reminded me of your last two posts. i hv posted it at apple, hope you like it.

la devil said...

pebble by pebble, day by day
picking up some along the way
dropping the ones too heavy to hold
pebble by pebble life will unfold

seems like u have almost found the missing pieces to the puzzle that is life.
piece by piece the picture wil complete to tell an inspiring tale.

stan laurel said...

I love imagining what this story is all about. It can be so many things: life, love, death, etc.. Well written.

livinghigh said...

what was that old poem again, about The Brook?
:) loved de poem...
the post reminded me of dat image.

small squirrel said...

it's lovely when the pieces all fall into place... I do enjoy reading your words... such unbelievable simplicity... the hallmark of a great writer.

. : A : . said...

musafir - Look forward to having you around!

Neelima - You are more than welcome to do that! :-)

gulnaz - Will be sure to check it out shortly.

la devil - Lovely lines. Thanks.

stan laurel - Yes, it can. Depends completely on your imagination.

livinghigh - Thanks.

small squirrel - Thanks a lot for your lovely words.

Aristocrat said...

Hello there. Stumbled across your blog from blogwise. Pardon me but are you Singaporean? You seem pretty "globalized" to me. ;) Sorry for the ignorance.

Anyway, very reflective poems you have there. Haven't finish all of them. Hope I do have the time though.


Cori said...

May I ask who your favorite writer is?

. : A : . said...

Aristocrat - Thanks for dropping by. I am not Singaporean. I am a traveler - I guess that is why I seem "globalized". No need to apologise. I have kept it pretty mysterious myself. ;-)

Cori - Ben Okri! Have you read? If not you can check out a small extract which I had posted on my blog a while ago: