Sunday, April 03, 2005

To create

She looked at the wall and saw that it was not good enough. So she decided to redo it.

She thought back to the perceptions of what was ancient, and what people would find exotic; and decided to give them what they wanted. On this wall which had never before been looked at. She wanted to create a story and tell it. But no one wanted to listen. And that is why she was doing this.

She needed to paint out a lie that everyone already believed in so that they would believe in what she created. And thus, from the first moment on, the creation was flawed. Because it had within it, not what others imagined, but the baggage that they carried.

The moments of creation were, of course, beautiful. The white light streaming in from behind her and illuminating as she created. The gentle breeze that ruffled her hair, which she finally had to tie up. The joy of mixing the colours with her new brushes. And how it all transformed the wall. The wall which had nothing on it. Now had a story. Her story. Her infected story, but her story nonetheless. And as her story unfolded, she was drawn in by it. Simply by the act of creating it.

What she didn’t know was, the story that she was creating was real. Somewhere, as her story mixed with the perceptions and beliefs of others, the truth came out. The truth about the past – ancient and exotic. The truth, that everyone would believe from here on. That visitors would talk about and write about. The discoveries that would be made of this truth.

But to her it was just another creation. So she went about it without any thoughts about the future. She was too wrapped up in creating the past.


PoeticMermaid said...

As an artist tried to paint, write, sing, compose, etc. for the crowd, the truth, their truth, eventually appears.

"But to her it was just another creation. So she went about it without any thoughts about the future. She was too wrapped up in creating the past."

In trying to anticipate the audience, she still draws upon what she knows best...her past.

Anil said...

Hmm...interesting points you have made and I'm curious to know where this pic was taken? It is very difficult to assert your truth artistically coz these days truth itself has become fragmented...everyone has his/her version of the how do we know who is right?

And how are you doing? Hope is well with you...

gulnaz said...

carrying the baggage of other's perception is a burden which to my mind is almost paralysing.
we lose ourselves in creating, that is what makes the moment beautiful. we find something of ourselves in our creations by losing ourselves in that moment.

u write with such insight and depth.

Garrison Steelle said...

Pictures of the past cannot help but lead us into the future.


small squirrel said...

telling, painting, perception, truth, lies, and what we want to believe in our hearts as opposed to our minds...

creation is an amazing and treacherous thing.

wonderful post.. made me think about my own writing... what I do when I create.. what goes into it and why.

atomicvelvetsigh said...

as i wander deep in your thoughts i need not use a shovel to uncover how minds could meet.
as i unconsider myself being such a person, your every word made my heart ponder. i had to read til the end.

and ive come to a realization. each of us are such painters. different space and time, ancient or devine. you have painted your own dimension as they had theirs, as i have painted a world of my own.

stan laurel said...

As an artist, poet, writer, etc...we all try to tell the world as we see it, and at the same time, try to allow others to relate to our perceptions. Sometimes, we force it, sometimes it just happens. That is why we must write, sing, paint, draw, speak for ourselves. Only when this happens, will others take notice.

Havokinthemind said...

Like the way you blend the abstract with the highly specific without making either appear less important. Do you create something to fit other peoples views or do you mould the views to suit your creation? Very pertinent question in the age of instantaneous communication.

_Soulless_ said...

you have the gift for bringing out the philosopher in everyone -- relativists and objectivists alike.

i am of the former. thus, for me, the woman shall have...

Her story. Her infected story, but her story nonetheless.

esclava said...

As an artist, its hard to know what to say to this.
I think creating various levels of experience is what I go for.
Painting the past...odd...I was literally about to do exactly that..either that or seahorses. I havent decided which.

Pincushion said...

Hmmm..very interesting thoughts. I suppose the very act of creating is different for different people..the motivations..the deliberations..whether they exist or not is also a point to be deliberated upon!
To me a painting creates itself..I have no set thoughts when i set the brush to the canvas..the feelings flow and something is created and THEN i see what it was! strange isn't it?!
writing is exactly opposite to that:)
Confusing isn't it?!
Different strokes for different folks is my take on it...

. : A : . said...

PoeticMermaid, Anil, gulnaz, small squirrel, atomicvelvetsigh, stan laurel, Havokinthemind, the_soulless, esclava, Pincushion - Thanks for your comments and thoughts. I have been amazed, yet again by your responses and how differently each of us thinks and takes back from what they see. Thanks for your sharing perspective here.

Anil - This was taken while I was traveling and I saw this lady reworking on old paintings on a wall of tourist interest. :-) I am doing fine. Good to see you back after a long time and to visit your new blog.

Garrison Steelle - Agree.

Cori said...

Ah... a subject near and dear to me.

Lovely story.

The truth is often individual perception... and our artists interpret it in a way that sheds light on the meaningful aspects for future generations... very cool that you are doing that about someone- doing just that... creating this ripple effect of thoughts... neat-o!!

Always a pleasure to read here!!

. : A : . said...

Cori - I know it is a subject close to you! As always, I liked your perspective on this piece. :-)