Thursday, May 19, 2005

In a moment

The gentle sounds of rain trickled down the window pane behind her. It was a strange sound from inside her glass cage and made her look back to assess what was happening. A storm was brewing. Brewing but not yet started. Like her day, which was brewing. Unfortunately, the horrible taste of instant coffee lingered in her mouth. As did the music that she soaked into this morning. As the echoes of the soaked music mixed with the sharp bitterness of the instant coffee, she paused to reflect. In a moment, she could see the flashes of lightning run across her glass cage. It seemed to fragile now. Life seemed so fragile. An instant, and everything could be gone. And she got caught within that moment and those thoughts as everything moved around her.


gulnaz said...

life is fragile, doesnt take long to turn your world upside down and you inside out.
...beautiful writing, vivid images...loved it.
the last sentence makes me think that is how it must feel to be trapped in a tornado...when all that you know is uprooted and swirling around you and carrying you away as you struggle to hold on.

J said...


in her body

in her soul

Rahul said...

Whenever I read your posts, I am overwhelmed. Reading your blog, makes me slow and I sit back and think for awhile.

_Soulless_ said...

a strange sound from inside her glass cage

flashes of lightning run across her glass cage.

"cage." Hmm. I read the piece over and over, and that word just leaps out to grab me every time.

NicoleBraganza said...

"Like her day, which was brewing"

It suggests a sort of unexpressed anger mixed with bitterness. The references to the lightning, the instant coffee all help to build up that emotion. Wonderful imagery as always.

"Life seemed so fragile". So true.

Wish I could express myself as well as you do.

Cocaine Jesus said...

life can be a cage sometimes and i guess it takes a very brave person to break free of it.
fine blog you got here. are you a part of the excellent caferati blog scene?

mermaid said...

I like the way her senses reflect her thoughts. I got the image of a tiger restlessly pacing behind a glass cage, stuck in a prison where she does not belong.

Anonymous said...

your posts really make me coming back! nice one:)

jonny ragel said...

sweet. I like the idea of the glass box. seeing through it. seeing the movement around you through it. seeing danger nearby. some glass is fairly thick. we like to think.

thanks for sharing.

Geetanjali said...

Trapped in a glass cage of her own making, or trapped inside by the world outside? I wonder what would happen if that storm outside broke her cage - would she feel liberated and elated or apprehensive about this sudden loosening of bonds?

Btw I read Gulnaz's post on the Summer anoon and quenching thirst right after this one, and couldn't help but notice the contrast - would be interesting to juxtapose the two!

. : A : . said...

gulnaz - Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it. Interesting perspective.

J, mermaid, eden - Thanks.

Rahul - Thanks for your kind words. Hope I can keep up the writing!

Soulless - Somehow it also strikes me a lot also.

Nicole Braganza - You express yourself pretty well!

Cocaine Jesus - Thanks for dropping by. I am not a part of the caferati blog scene though I do visit it once in a while.

johnny crash - Yes, exactly. We like to think that the glass is thick.

Geetanjali - Agree that it would be interesting to contrast with Gulnaz's post. Thanks.

musafir said...

There's so much of tension in this post - storm, brewing, glass, fragile, "An instant, and everything could be gone"...well put together.

Also like the way you mix the two different sensory perceptions -"soaked music" and "sharp bitterness". Very perceptive.


Mystique said...

Being a captive in your body, and a slave to your own thoughts can be real tough. While it can be a hard path to walk, it can also be rewarding at times. Love contemplative posts.

finnegan said...

The choice of liquid words used to portray tender and fragile emotions
is revealing. Rain, trickled, storm, brewing, coffee, soaked...although this prose teleports me to a time spent in Rio de Janeiro, I know it could be in any number of tropical zones where water runs through the soul of everything.

Phal said...

i like. yet it sounds familiar.

small squirrel said...

hmmm... you've been featuring a lot of rain and storms (both internal and external) and pondering lately. it fits my mood, so... no complaints.

this especially resonated with me..
"Life seemed so fragile. An instant, and everything could be gone. And she got caught within that moment and those thoughts as everything moved around her."

were you peeping in on my life? :)

Have linked you. cheers!

stan laurel said...

Life is much so that we often break it ourselves. We are too rough with the stuff life is made of. We need to be more careful...for we only get one life.

Everytime I read your prose selections, I feel they would make a great beginning to a book or a chapter in a book. You really know how to hook the reader into your story.

livinghigh said...

i spy.... beautiful penthouse up in de sky, and beautiful gal who thinks too much.


live n let live.

. : A : . said...

musafir - Thanks. Glad you liked it.

Mystique - Thanks for your perspective.

finnegan - Thanks for pointing it out. It not only how much is written but the choice of words around it that can give so much more.

Phal - You like, yet it sounds familar? :-)

small squirrel - I have noticed that too. Good that you like it. Thanks for the link. Have linked you up as well.

stan laurel - Yes, we need to be careful and treasure the gift of life. Thanks for your lovely words.

livinghigh - :-)

Pincushion said...

'Like her day, which was brewing.'
Very evocative! I loved this, I could so identify with this..*sigh*
Meaningful and enigmatic!

. : A : . said...

Pincushion - Thanks. Am glad you could relate to it. :-)

Anonymous said...

I love that feeling when you're somewhere, could it it be in a bar or somewhere else, and you just forget about everything that surrounds you and see things differently... Awesome feeling!

Miss Qt

. : A : . said...

Miss Qt - So do I!

atomicvelvetsigh said...

hmm.. once again your words move me.. and how many appreciate how you write as well... you should have a book! well if you have one and i do not know info me 8) heee

. : A : . said...

atomicvelvetsigh - Thanks a lot. A book is in the offing. Will ensure that I tell you about it!


J said...

Soaked music Brewing storm Bitter coffee Glass cage Fragile life Momentary reflections...hmmmm...

PS: Oh, i didnt realise i had commented before!!! :-O
it felt like i was reading this post for the first time!!!

. : A : . said...

J - If you hadn't mentioned it, I might have missed that you had commented before! ;-)