Monday, May 09, 2005

Not about rain

A yellow leaf floats by
Followed by a few more
A drop caresses my forehead
And trickles down as more leaves pass

Suddenly the rain is here
Not unexpected but welcome
One by one the drops cover the earth
Causing helter skelter here and there

Ugly fat noisy raindrops
Spear their way through
Rattling at anything and everything
Showing their unforgiving nature

Lightning crashes and thunder roars
Dreams and demons get washed away
Her breathing is constant through this
Like her presence always there


Elixir said...

you could jus stick out ur tongue n sing "na na naana naa na"
darn you A, its sweltering here in mumbai!!!! we soo cud do wid sum rain. n then ur pic n ur words
ofcourse its beautiful but then no surprises thr

*making a face at u*

Akruti said...

Its all in the percpective:) "The first raindrop touching my face reminded me of those long gone days,gentle breeze followed,and then the heavens started pouring out more.I rushed towards a shelter,i tried hard to make a place for myself to runaway from it,but it wouldn leave me,i lost myself into the lanes of dreams and memories."
Ya,demons get washed away,not dreams though:)

Geetanjali said...

The juxtaposition in treatment of theme in the 1st 1 stanzas and last 2 stanzas is interesting - I like the way you've moved from the gentle, romantic rain to the rains that lash angrily at earth and are a representation of Nature unleashing her wrath on humanity.

"Dreams and demons get washed away..."

Rains do have that effect sometimes don't they? Now if only they would wash away the worst of our demons and leave behind a cleansed soul every time.

Brood Mode said...

"Dreams and demons get washed away..."

that is so true of rain. It is really refreshing,washes away all the short-lived memories of sadness and happiness all the same.

Anonymous said...

I like it when it rains. There's this kind of atmosphere that is quite romantic & relaxing.

By the way, very nice picture and great poem... as usual!

Miss Qt

musafir said...

Rain never fails to invoke the muse, does it?

Like the way you end, setting off a fresh train of thought.


KJ said...

very good picture & very good poem

different faces of rain.....

Gentle & soothing,
furious & angry

Akruti said...

Well,i read the title again now,"Not about rain" well:))

gulnaz said...

rain drops, soft as caresses and also unforgiving in their nature...and she, always there...with her quiet prescence.
it reads like a love song. ;)

gulnaz said...

and i just love the blue in the picture!!!!
its not the usual blue of the sky and not the verdant green, one usually associates with rains.

dancing starz(richa) said...

I u select the pic first and then compose a poem or is it vice versa?
Whichever way it is-the end result is sizzling!

therainandme said...

ur blog grows on me :)

AmitKen said...

Loved the sound of 'Ugly fat noisy raindrops'

thoughts said...

whats most interesting abt the pic is the clarity of the droplets on the surface.. and the hazy look of the palm trees,cars and the lampost in the blue background....

Aristocrat said...

Ah, seems like rain is the theme of late. Like I commented on Mystique, the rain does have a calming and soothing effect on people, as if it was washing away their worries and "demons" but "dreams"? That's another aspect that I haven't look at it yet.

Anyway, I have linked your blog to mine, hope you don't mind :)

jenn see said...

the title makes this piece. i love a good title.

mermaid said...

"Lightning crashes and thunder roars
Dreams and demons get washed away
Her breathing is constant through this
Like her presence always there"

I loved the part about dreams and demons getting washed away. Everything goes, making room for more. I also liked the ambiguity of her. For once, I accept her, and do not need the reference.

Pincushion said...

I agree with everyone here, yessiree! the bit about the dreams and demons being washed away struck home...
as for me here..darn..I so want the freezing rain to go away!
but the monsoons make my heart sing :)) and fuschia!

kale-e-do-scope said...

cooling rain... and cool work as usual. Keep on.

Samudraa said...

LOVely....frist time here,gr8 job!

Sudarshan said...

What next? Calm after the storm? Loved the end part...unfinished.

stan laurel said...

I like how you personified the rain as this sweet and powerful female. Also, I think you did a great job describing the type of rain---helter skelter: this just sums it up for me. I can picture this immediately without needing a lot of description.

esclava said...

The photo and the writing are sweet and always.

Aradhita said... is the pic1

Rahul said...


Anonymous said...

what elixir said. really. must you do this?

Other than that, the pictures make me cry.

Phal. (your commment posting page has gone weird again)

jonny ragel said...

rain is a constant of late. at least around here. the weeds mock me as I walk by. 'ha ha. so tall have I become! and to remove me you would need to get wet! ha ha. lazy human!' today. when the rain calms. I'm putting on a sweatshirt and ripping that weed from the earth. then all of it's cousins. hopefully I won't catch a cold...

seekinsoul said...

Blue, blue, blue! What a beautiful blue..and the sky cries!
Thank you for this.

Anonymous said...

I suppose I just have to be different :o) and this might sound crazy...but when I look at your pic it could almost be an undersea shot. The perspective suggests a shot from the seabed with the ocean above perhaps? I think this is a far cleverer shot than you realise! :D

. : A : . said...

Elixir, Miss Qt, KJ, endlessecho, kale-e-do-scope, esclava, Aradhita, Rahul, seekinsoul - :-) Thanks!

Akruti, johnny crash - It is all in the perspective. Thanks for yours!

Geetanjali - Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it.

Brood Mode - Yes, it does not differentiate.

musafir - It always invokes! Thanks.

gulnaz - I too, love the blue in this picture. It is so strikingly different.

dancing starz(richa) - Never the same each time. Thanks for dropping by. Do leave a link if you visit again.

AmitKen - So do I!

thoughts, stan laurel - Yes, there is a lot happening there. Glad you like it.

Aristocrat - Thanks for the link. I don't mind at all!

jenn see - The title is very important.

mermaid - Thanks for accepting 'her' the way she is! :-)

Pincushion - Hope your wishes come true.

samudraa - Thanks for dropping by and commeting. Hope you see you again.

Sudarshan - Even I liked the end part.

Phal - I don't do it on purpose! ;-)

M(ary) - Thanks for dropping by and for your comment. I like your perspective on the picture. Do leave me a link if you come by again.

small squirrel said...

wonderful. left me feeling as if the storm was both within and outside. you do have a way with words.

. : A : . said...

small squirrel - Thanks.

finnegan said...

Here again you show your tropical origins. Your poems make me feel Brasil, and it's uncanny.

. : A : . said...

finnegan - This is the first time I heard that about my writing. Thanks.

patina said...

the rinsing effect, the perpetual wetness, the quiet drumming. it's all there. warm feeling in this rain. not cold or sterile. captivating poem.

. : A : . said...

patina - Thanks!