Sunday, January 16, 2005


The shadows lingered
A moment too long
In the background
Her memories reborn

Was a dream
Is another day
Is certain


Jessica said...

My shadows linger long and I think today is a dream too...Gawd please say that today was a dream...;) Loved it .:A:. it was wonderfully done.

Anil said...

Absolutely beautiful pic...its so serene and calm..the words enhancing its quiet beauty.

Garrison Steelle said...

Enticing. Shadows can evoke so many emotions.


luz de la luna said...


Love the picture and the poem. They suit each other very well! Love the whole blog and am excited to stumble you in the wilderness of blogs after being so foot sore and weary. It's the first blog that is similar to mine i concept! I too have a blog devoted to photography, poetry, and short prose. I would be honoured if you would take a look and throw me some thoughts of yours. I will for sure be reading you every day now.

Maybe this is too forward to ask you but IF you did visit my blog and IF you liked what you saw would you consider linking to me and I link to you ( which I am going to anyway if you do or you do not ). I assure you that I don't normally ask people to exchange links. I normally just simply link to them if I like them but I would love to exchange links to here because your blog is so similar in concept to mine. Seeing as we have the same goals it would be very nice if we were linked :) Well, I am sorry for taking of your time in comments. Thanks for the art - keep on creating...

Best Wishes
-- :: La Luna :: --

Aradhita said...

lingering was the name of my previous post...
all though on a slightly different note...

livinghigh said...

hey august - love the optimism in "tomorrow is certain". and the part about "today..." is a rather action-NOW! take on Margaret Mitchell's "Tomorrow is another day", isn't it? ;-)

PS: the earlier entry was nice, too. I know what u mean by those silly unbidden memories and thoughts - and then you wonder whether you did the right thing in walking away - but then, all you need is a moment of clarity to realise that you made the right decision - you wud have FRIED if u'd stayed! whew! ;-)

AmitKen said...

Reached your blog through your comments on another blog, and I am glad that I did.

Your posts have a Lingering effect. I reached here The First Time, and thankfully i did not Miss The Dawn. Your posts provoked a Train of Thoughts which took me Back To The Future, only to discover my Unconscious Consciousness.

Thanks for these Ephemeral Moments.

Ubermensch said...

loved the snap! brought me some fond memories

Ariel said...

Ethereally sweet and pleasantly creepy. You make verbal simplicity a virtue.

I just noticed your BOB finalist note - congrats! I hope to get in the mix next time around.

kale-e-do-scope said...

tomorrow is a mystery,
and today is a gift,
that's why they call it the present!

(a pity it's not my creation :)
always cool stuff on your blog

Miss Qt said...

Great picture! :)

Akshay said...

Linger it will. Linger on

. : A : . said...

Jessica - "Today was a dream", I am saying it out. ;-)

Anil, ubermensch, Queen Mo - Thanks. This was a very beautiful place. The picture probably does not even show 10% of how beautiful it is.

Garrison Steelle - Yes they can ... and they do!

luz de la luna - Thanks for dropping by, commenting and linking up. You are right. Our blog is similar in terms of having a mix of photography, poetry, and short prose. Have linked it already. Look forward to seeing you around!

Aradhita - Yes, on a slightly different note but with parallels. :-)

livinghigh - Actually Margaret Mitchell's "Tomorrow is another day" did not come to mind when I wrote this. Now that you mentioned it, in retrospect it can be a take on it.

AmitKen - Thanks for dropping by. It is wonderful to have new readers! Loved your creative comment. Look forward to seeing you around.

Ariel - Thanks. I am sure you will make it next time!

kale-e-do-scope - Welcome back.

Akshay - It will ...

luz de la luna said...

Thank you for the link up and comment! Look forward to viewing lots more of your fantastic work :-)

Best Wishes
- Luna - O -

AmitKen said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and your comment. Hope to see you again.

esclava said...

Again, lovely words to go with a lovely graphic.

. : A : . said...

luz de la luna - You're welcome! Look forward to having you here.

AmitKen - My pleasure. Will see you around.

brat - Thanks.