Saturday, January 08, 2005

Another missed dawn

Another morning
Another missed
But beauty

Beauty missed
Beauty captured
Remains elusive


the still dancer said...

Surreal snap.
Here's another perspective:

All night long
The age-stained stars had watched,
Companions of my waking,
Weeping their tears of old light.

All night long,
They watched over me,
Waiting for the moment
When I'd forsake them for the sun.

Miss Qt said...

This picture is beautiful! I'd probably be in a better mood in the morning if there was such a beautiful thing to watch out of the window!

Garrison Steelle said...

Sigh. I need to get the hell out of Georgia. I never get morning skies like that.


Phal said...

Another morning rises
another breath sighs
another night dies
another dream takes flight
another moment, and
it all happens again.

That's a beautiful picture. Where do you get these mornings?

Jessica said...

Goergous shot. I miss a lot of sunrises because I am a night owl, but I have some beautiful sunset shots! I will get a couple color versions up on my photoblog.

The writing feels so sad here in this piece, but at the same time sort of surreal...hell I don't know what I'm talking about do I? Nice!

Anonymous said...

Sweet photo. I like your blend of pictures and words, A. You seem to have an appreciation for skyscapes and light, which I share.

:..M..: said...

The picture was awesome! How do you manage those??

. : A : . said...

kaashyapeya - Thanks a lot for your perspective. Well written!

Queen Mo - Thanks. It was a beautiful morning, just about to break into rain.

Garrison Steelle - Wait and watch and they will come. :-)

Phal - Well written! This one was when I was driving by in the morning. Captured it from inside the car.

Jessica - Yes, I know what you mean. I too get to see more sunsets than sunrises. Looking forward to the ones on your photoblog.

Anonymous - Thanks for dropping by and for your comment. Do leave a link if you come back.

:..M..: - Thanks. Nothing complicated really. Driving by, saw nice sky, clicked! ;-)

Akshay said...

the writing put the picture in an even more beautiful light.

Akshay said...
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:..M..: said...

Yeah, yeah. You just had it in your fingers all along. Beautiful pics at a click of his fingers! :p

Diva said...

You see so many wonderful things and speak about them so eloquently, A. What a beautiful soul you have.

Anil said...

..and you captured that perfectly at that! Nice pic...hope you get that award you have been nominated for. You deserve that :)

monochrome said...

This kind of reflects what I just posted on mine but turned 180 degrees...almost a mirror image!

therainandme said...

beautiful picture.its almost unreal.

hmm I wonder why everything beautiful seems unreal

. : A : . said...

Akshay - Thanks. Sometimes, I feel there is a little more that words can add to a picture, even if they are worth a 1000 words! :-)

:..M..: - Thanks ;-)

Diva Drip - Thanks for your lovely words.

Anil - Thanks. It looks unlikely that I am going to win it. The photoblogs are way ahead of me! Awards don't matter, the writing does. :-)

monochrome - Yes, it does. A real coincidence.

endlessecho - Thanks for dropping by and for your comment. Yes, most beautiful things seem unreal, or surreal!

manababies said...

Getting out of bed every morning wouldn't be nearly as painful if I had a view like that. So beautiful!

livinghigh said...

lovely pic, wizard!
sets my pulse beating.

PS: the earlier glass pic was equally intoxicating.. i know how dat feels - there have ben sooooooooo many times in the past when i've been in a pensive mood and just looked right into the glass of water in my hand, twirling it, watching the rings of water... livinghigh's looking glass???? ;-)

Pincushion said...

A sapphire sky on fire !!
You've captured it so beautifully..I am at a loss for words..
Thankyou for sharing.

. : A : . said...

superMANA! - Unfortunately, even I don't have this everyday!

livinghigh - Thanks. A clarification, that was not a glass of water. ;-)

Pincushion - You're welcome!

Anonymous said...

Hi .:A:.
Your writing is very touching.Its like the moist brown earth after an early morning rain...soothing and very very much 'feeling'. I have fallen in love with ur writing.

. : A : . said...

Priyanka - You are too flattering. Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Look forward to seeing you again.