Thursday, January 20, 2005


There exists a place called 'between'.

'Between' is in the middle of here and there. It is also in the middle of this and that.

The first time I reached 'between', she hit me out of nowhere. I didn't know or plan to be in 'between', but somehow I just landed up there. It is strange, the places where life takes you. Sometimes expected, most of the time unexpected. And when the unexpected happens, the myth of 'between' becomes a reality. A reality that you may or may not want to face, but you have to. And so, 'between' begins to exist.

And thus is born 'grey'.

'Grey' is 'between' black and white. It is also a place. It is a place in 'between'. It is the place you can see the most easily, and hence what you associate the most with 'between'.

But beware, what you see is not what you get.

I can feel myself reaching another 'between' very soon. 'Between' is also a place where things change. That is why it is in the middle of here and there. It is also in the middle of this and that. And in the middle of 'between' everything is black and white. And that is the irony of being in 'between'. It gives you the perspective of being in the middle, and being able to see things clearly, while in obscurity.

They say obscurity gives rise to confusion, but from 'between', confusion could have never been clearer. And it is in this clarity, that one takes a decision. And that decision is what remains, even when you are not in 'between' anymore. When you take a side. When you move to one of the sides. To here or there. Or this or that.

Things change. But 'between' continues to exist.


Miss Qt said...

I've been in "between" for many months now and it's the place I hate the most and at the same time, it's when I learn more about myself. Weird, isnt it?

Garrison Steelle said...

I live in between.


therainandme said...

I loved this post.

therainandme said...

I loved this post.

therainandme said...

uhoh...i think i posted it twice just to let you know how much I loved it ;)

luz de la luna said...

I was born in the between and although I now dwell here and sometimes there and it's always now, now, now, but I often visit the between of it comes and visits me.

Best Wishes
La Luna

AmitKen said...

It also exists 'between' NOW and THEN !!!

:..M..: said...

Hmm. I experienced a certain deja vu when it came to reading a particular part of what you wrote. This resembles what Iyanla Vanzant talks of in her book "In the Meantime". Well, vaguely atleast.

Michael said...

yeah this rocks. I'm definitly in between. Kepe up the good work.

Jessica said...

I am between too, only its a rock and a hardplace that flank my sides....great piece

Pink Poppy said...

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Aradhita said...

Are we drawing parallels again??
I think the name of my next post is gonna be Parallels. I will try and beat u to it!! :-))

. : A : . said...

Queen Mo - Yes, it is. That is why it is 'between'. :-)

Garrison Steelle, Jessica - Now, or for a long time?

endlessecho - Thanks. Glad you liked it so much!

luz de la luna - I know what you mean.

AmitKen - It could, yes.

:..M..: - I have not read it, so I don't know. Maybe you can send me a link or an excerpt. Glad you could relate.

Michael - Thanks for dropping by. Your profile if not accessible. Can you drop a link if you come by again?

Pink Poppy - Thanks. I'll drop by.

Aradhita - Yes, it seems we are! Amazing.

Jyotsna said...

"Whenthe unexpected happens, the myth of 'between' becomes a reality. A reality that you may or may not want to face, but you have to" true,so very true.I feel like saying been there,done that but i think "between" keeps coming back into our lives as a phase
loved reading this

. : A : . said...

Jyotsna Kumar - Yes, 'between' keeps coming back. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi .:A:.
Are you a magician? You weave magic with words. Its like the way Anais Nin writes, "We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospection." Through your words I taste my own life and relive it! Thank you!

. : A : . said...

M - Thanks for your lovely words. I merely try to write what I feel. Look forward to seeing you around.