Sunday, February 27, 2005

I dream a dream

… a paradise where you can breathe beauty.

… a place where sunsets are disappointing.

… and the shimmering of the moon creating a pathway of light along the ocean has no meaning.

Because you have seen so much more here. You can feel so much more here.

Is it possible that there is a place that can make you feel like this? Change the way you thought about beauty forever? And what happens when you find it? When the dream becomes reality? When the surreal meets the real?

What happens when you find a place where sunsets are disappointingly not beautiful enough to be there?


PoeticMermaid said...

It is a privilege to be the first to comment here.

Picture it.

A poor family living in a small village, with meager belongings. One small straw-thatched hut, barely enough food to survive, but all the admiration in the world for the small plot of land they own, the small egg nest that feeds them as they diligently toil and sweat to produce crops. And love is like a blanket, enough to keep them all warm, a fragrant scent that spices the simple cooking.

Another family resides in a large home, overlooking the waves crashing below, or gently rolling in on their bellies depending on nature's temperament that day. On clear days, the sun splays her brilliant hair in streaks of crimson and violet and gold. The moon cuts a circular hole in the blanket of darkness, along with the tiny star bulbs. Each family member has his/her pockets filled with possession, but they walk with empty hearts.

'What happens when you find a place where sunsets are disappointingly not beautiful enough to be there?'

You find that moksha, or nirvana, or heaven, or whatever you want to call it, is the place where you are standing, where you are content with what is, and not what will be.

I’m learning this the hard way.

Zee said...

PoeticMermaid, well said.

We should all be so appreciative of what we have, who we are with, and what is now.

Anonymous said...

All our dreams are "reachable" in a sort of way. What we have to do though is be content with what we have because it could always be worse.

I have lots of dreams but being rich is at the bottom of my list. lol I definately dont like the way my life is right now, but im changing it, step by step without being greedy.

Miss Qt

Jessica said...

I couldn't live in a place where I could be disappointed by a sunset. If someplace is that beautiful it isn't meant for my humble eyes. I need to see some of the ugliness in the world. A painting isn't as real with out the shading. For me anyway. Thought provoking piece.

luz de la luna said...

Maybe not a place, but an event. Anyway, it's up to us to always find the light and love as much as we can.

Best Wishe
sLa Luna

Pincushion said...

Again a series of contrasts, juxtapositionings...
what is light if not the absence of darkness,
what is beauty, if not the absence of ugliness,
one cannot exist without the other, two sides of the same coin and I am glad to have both, for without one, the other isn't valued, and thats what life has taught me.
A very thought provoking piece. Thank you !

Anonymous said...

welcome back.

who said the sunset has to be beautiful? or even the moon for the matter?


Garrison Steelle said...



Any time.

You choose.


Geetanjali said...

You've painted a rather chilling picture with such beautiful words and made me question alot of things - our perceptions abt beauty, perfection, idyllic life, it really what we think it is? Will we be happy if we get it as we think it is - or will the greass still be greener on the other side?
A very thought-provoking piece!

livinghigh said...

hmmm... paradise lost, disillusionment gained? ;-)
hey buddy, been here after a looong while - the net connection at my place in calcutta is WARPED! ;-) nice new look for the blog, by the way! ciao.

esclava said...

I'm probably the spoil sport here, but I have to this merely a visual beauty you are referring to? Beauty comes in so many forms.
To exceed the expectations of beauty in ALL earthly, or even heavenly forms, would be almost more than the human mind could process.
If anything ever exceeds my imagination, I would indeed be shocked.
I appreciate this post, because you have led me to try and stretch my own inner visions of beauty.

atomicvelvetsigh said...

if sunsets become disappointing;
if the moon doesn't give meaning,
it is never a place of beauty.
well, for me that is.

the word beauty is distinct from good. what may be beautiful to others, seem bad to some, and what may be ugly to some seem good to others.

Billy said...

the surreal. the unreality. existence. keep breathing

aparna said...

i personally think that sunsets can never be disappointing irrespective of where we are! be it in a chateau or a small crude hut.

Phal said...

Aparna, you're just a romantic. What a surprise.

. : A : . said...

PoeticMermaid - I can picture it. It was a privilege to read your comment on this post!

Zee, Miss Qt - Agree with you. We should appreciate the current.

Jessica, Pincushion, Geetanjali - Thanks for your thoughts. Glad this could provoke your thoughts.

luz de la luna - Yes, so much is up to us and how we view / find things.

Phal - Yes, no one said that. It is how you see it.

Garrison Steelle, livinghigh, Billy - Thanks.

esclava - Don't worry, you are not a spoilt sport. All thoughts are welcome here. I like the way you have phrased that beauty comes from imagination.

atomicvelvetsigh, aparna - Well, it could be a place of such overbearing beauty that these things happen? It does depend on how you look at it.

Ariel said...

>>What happens when you find a place where sunsets are disappointingly not beautiful enough to be there?<<

To me, inadequate sunsets would indicate something is out of kilter. I mean, why pick on sunsets? Why not the broken glass or something?

I like your background makeover, btw.

. : A : . said...

Ariel - Something could be out of kilter, but then this is a quest for imagination. Why could it not be possible? Just a thought.


Anonymous said...

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