Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Not breathtaking, but beautiful

Today the dawn looked like dusk.

It didn’t stop me, because it was breathtaking. But it was beautiful.

The clouds, like an outstretched hand, cupping the sky. The light trickling through its fingers. The light of the day above its hand, the light of the night below. Slowly disappearing darkness. Icy winds, tell the coming of the rain. Gentle rumbling, easily mistaken for shifting furniture. A melancholic nostalgic feeling running through the canvas.

Does a picture tell the complete story?
Maybe not.

Do words tell the complete story?
Maybe not.

Put them together. The complete story?
Maybe. But not definitely.

I could not be definite that it was a dawn. Even though it was.

Today the dawn looked like dusk. Maybe it was meant to.


Anil said...

Absolutely beautiful pic....the subtle reds and the greys take it out of the ordinary realm!

Sudarshan said...

I really like your style. Fantastic stuff.

neap said...

in a strange place...you are holding your own.

Phal said...

that does look like a hand. you see very well, you know. anyways, i thought you had left already.

. : A : . said...

Anil, Sudarshan - Thanks.

neap - Thanks for dropping by and commenting. I quite liked your one liner! ;-)

Phal - Thanks. Yes, I'm traveling, but the internet travels with me for now at least. :-)

therainandme said...

I liked the way you posted the pic after describing it.A visual is readymade for one to see.On the other hand, words leave a lot to the imagination.

'The clouds, like an outstretched hand, cupping the sky.' loved this line.

Garrison Steelle said...

Sometimes the skies merely whisper a hint of possibility.

Great shot.


livinghigh said...

looked quite breathtaking to me, buddy! Ure quite modest, really! sigh... modesty is something i just can't understand! lol.

on the previous post, i loved the sad tinge u used at the end - sometimes, things don't happen'... but whether they do or not, I wonder whwther u believe in that old line about everything having a reason...?

have fun on ure trip under the stars - wherever u are!

Miss Qt said...

The pictures looks great and the way you described it with words is really nice!

Pincushion said...

'The clouds, like an outstretched hand, cupping the sky. The light trickling through its fingers.'

Just purrrfect :)

wandering dervish said...

i almost thought that this was becoming too much of a routine of mutual praise. but then you have indeed woven such a beautiful niche for yourself that it's hard to resist being moved.
once again, breathtakingly beautiful! bless the eye, bless the words.

Megha said...

*sigh* Your pictures, your words.. What can I say..

luz de la luna said...

Great photo. I like the way the cloud looks like a hand. It's almost like the sky spirit dropping the bright ball of sunlight toward the waiting earth.

Liked your words as always. Seems to echo with my soul as if some other possible me had written them.

Best Wishes

. : A : . said...

endlessecho - Yes, I did that on purpose. I wanted to words to speak before the picture this time.

Garrison Steelle - And sometimes, that is just enough for us.

livinghigh - Thanks. I was not as happy about this one as the earlier "Silver lining" view. Glad you liked it. And yes, everything has a reason ... :-)

Miss Qt, Pincushion, Megha - Thanks.

wandering dervish - Thanks for your comment. No mutual praise here, I do really like your stuff and hence I comment on it. Yours was one of the first blogs I started reading when I was introduced to the blogosphere. Keep it coming. :-)

luz de la luna - Thanks. I sort of thought this time that the hand was playing with the ball but not really dropping it. I guess that made it dawn! :-)

neap said...

endless sheafs of blotting paper, the sky, you tipped the inkwell, rorschach blots for us to interpret....thank you for your comment and the pictures you paint.

Jessica said...

I don't think I have ever liked a piece of yours more than I like this one. So simple and so completely intricate also.

Anonymous said...

i think what adds more to the pictures is what you write about them.

Ariel said...

Lovely. I'm a proponent of the pictures + words school of thought as well.

Blackempress said...

you might've heard of me. mayb u havent, but i've been around...i come from the shadows..i'm a regular reader..:)
Simple yet Amazing blog..u say it all so well!

. : A : . said...

neap, Jessica, Ariel - Thanks.

aparna - Thanks. Do drop me a link next time. I think I have seen some of your comments at livinghigh and phal's blog. Are you the same?

Blackempress - Thanks for coming out of the shadows. I haven't read your blog before, but am off now to read it. :-) Hope to see you around!

PoeticMermaid said...

I like the image of the clouds, like hands, cupping the sky. I see an image of hands wide open, a mother's outstretched arms, a child ready to receive a present, a beggar asking for food or change. That image is so powerful for me.

It sounds like you were ready to receive the day, and what a gorgeous beginning it was.

Anonymous said...

hey :A: yup i am the same aparna. i dont have any blog.

Billy said...

great writing here.

esclava said...

Too many times I realize that without being able to combine pictures and words...I would be mute. I find myself grateful for both.

. : A : . said...

aparna - Thanks for clarifying.

Billy - Thanks.

wishbitch - Yes, dual mediums bring out so much more.