Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Middle uncut

In the middle
Of the bustling
Is the stillness
Of the water

A perfect division
The red light
And men on foot
To the growling
But muted traffic


Aradhita said...

And the reflection of stillness in the ripple-free water!

Ariel said...

This picture seems to have some ethnicity to it. I'm curious where you took it. Reminds me of those opening scenes in The Bourne Supremacy.

PoeticMermaid said...

This is a perfect example of finding a still moment to breathe and really observe the world around you. Congrats on taking the time to stop, and capture the world through your eyes.

luz de la luna said...

I like this moment frozen in time. I like this puddle of peace. I like this division of man and machine. I like your words and image.

Best Wishes
Luz de la luna :-)

neap said...

you repeatedly seem to chase contradiction and contrast.
rare medium,well done

Anonymous said...

i wont remember the picture but i'll remember what you have written when i am stuck in traffic
did u write this when u were caught in traffic???????
agree with neap u have perfected the art of chasing contradiction n contrast

Free Spirit said...

Water has a way of dividing and bringing things together.

Sudarshan said...

And it had just stopped raining....the drops on the windshield, the red light, the stillness of the water, people moving have captured the moment and have decorated it with your words.

. : A : . said...

Aradhita - Yes, the stillness is particularly what interested me in this picture.

Ariel - It reminds me of the opening scene in Supremacy. Perhaps because this was taken in India.

PoeticMermaid, luz de la luna - Thanks for the appreciation.

neap - Yes, I have a particular liking for contradiction and contrast. Glad you noticed.

aparna - I wrote this later actually, though I was thinking of something similar when I took this picture.

Free Spirit - Yes, it does.

Sudarshan - It was that period when it stops raining but is going to start again soon. And it did. :-)

monochrome said...

Like the perfect divison in the pic...separating the apparent extremes...

Billy said...

you got the midas eye.

Phal said...

hah! the joys of an airconditioned car. you're possibly the only person to find poetry in this. other than aradhita, of course. bloody traffic jam loving weirdo! ;)

. : A : . said...

monochrome - Yes, the division was pretty much by chance. Difficult to compose this type of a picture in a moving car! :-)

Billy - Thanks.

Phal - LOL. We are not traffic jam lovers, we just find beauty in it ... sometimes! ;-)

Jessica said...

Is it possible to love traffic Jams? (shakes her head in utter confusion)

I love photos with water in them, and I LOVE the way this does balance the placid beauty of the puddle with the chaos of the traffic, and as ever your words capture all of that precisely!

. : A : . said...

Jessica - :-) Yes, we are all confused about that one! Thanks for your words as ever.

:..M..: said...

Actually, now that I've looked at this picture enough number of times..and read monochrome's comment..I do realize there's quite a division here. As can see so many juxtappositions.
Takes the meanings drawn to another level.

Phal said...

someday, when i'm not perpetually late, i'll look for that beauty. till then, you're there naa. ;)

Anonymous said...

The image & words reminds me that for the most part we seem to run to stand still. I hope that doesn't sound too pretentious! :o)

esclava said...

Repeatedly you amaze me with how you blend words and images.
Your point of view is always displayed gently though, even with the double stimuli.
Nice talent to have.

Ubermensch said...

sudharshan has told everything i intended to speak...

Pincushion said...

Now what can I say, that hasn't been said already !!

So I'll just say this is uniquely YOU !

Anonymous said...

I wonder where you took this picture. So where? ;-)

Miss Qt

Cori said...

Post something! Quick! I need my poetic fix!

manababies said...

I feel like this photo is playing a trick on me, as though you pasted two different photos together to make one. But then I see a section of that bus continuing from the right to the left - but barely.

Amazing what kinds of photos you end up with by chance!

Geetanjali said...

You know if I'd taken a photo like this I would have never considered it good, and probab scolded myself for bad composition. But the way you've described it with those few words, a picture of daily mayhem against a typical urban Indian backdrop, has just gievn it so much significance and meaning!


. : A : . said...

:..M..: - Yes, it does. Thanks for noticing!

Phal - Of course I am! :-)

Anonymous / M - Thanks. It does not sound pretentious at all. Are you the same as ":..M..:" or a different M?

esclava - Thanks for your wonderful words and for visiting.

ubermensch - Then, thanks once again!

Pincushion - You have said as much as was needed. ;-)

Miss Qt - It was taken in India.

Cori - Coming up. Coming soon!

superMANA! - Even I thought of this picture in the same way when I was looking at it later. That is probably what brought out the dualities for me.

Geetanjali - Thanks. I almost passed it over myself, but something drew me back to the picture. Now I know what it was, just as I have put it in words.

Anonymous said...

Hi . :A: .
Its M again!
As I said….you weave magic with words and pictures! The stillness of the water amidst the rushing pace of our lives… it illusion juxtaposed with reality?…or is it merely Life…smiling back at us, in the very moment that we stop to admire her.
Your words remind me of Ezra Pound’s haiku, “ The apparition of these faces in a crowd, Petals on a wet, black bough.”

. : A : . said...

M - Thanks again. Like your perspective on the picture and words.