Thursday, March 03, 2005

To be continued ...

Nothing is
Ever complete

The past is
Here to stay

An ending is
A disguised beginning

Everything is
Not what it seems

The present is
To be continued

A new day is
Dawning today


Garrison Steelle said...

Because it isn't over 'til it's over.


PoeticMermaid said...

An ending is
A disguised beginning'

I liked this verse the best. Because you are where you need to be to go where you're going.

Geetanjali said...

Jawharlal Nehru said something very similar in Discovery to India - only he put it all in one sentence and he amde me read it 5 times before I got what he was trying to say:-)

You, put it beautifully so that it is easy to follow the thought and nod my head in agreement!

Jessica said...

you always have a way of making a person think about things, and the imagry that you write always so closely matches the images that you post with it. Very Nice!

Aradhita said...

Nice pic to go with the thoughts!

AmitKen said...

I like the way you present your thoughts, and they suddenly seem so obvious with your words, (and pictures ofcourse)..


esclava said...

I like it...simple and true. Its something one could carry in their pocket on a piece of paper, for when it all seems to be falling down and apart.

Cori said...

I agree with Esclava. Tender words to guide you through the world. A gentle and tender reminder that "the only thing constant is change".

manababies said...

I just love the way your words flow. I'll have to remember this when I've had "one of those days".

Sudarshan said...

The circle of life...wonderful! and a nice pic to go with those words.

livinghigh said...

the picture is amazing! love the way, the unfinished building meets the dawn ;-)

dewdrop said...

love how u mesh beautiful words with beautiful pictures

Billy said...


. : A : . said...

Garrison Steelle - Yes, it isn't.

PoeticMermaid - Thanks. Agree with you.

Geetanjali - Thanks for the (very) flattering comment! :-)

Jessica - Glad I can make you think about things with my post. I always feel that writing that can make you think is one of the necessities for good writing.

Aradhita, AmitKen, Sudarshan, dewdrop, Billy - Thanks.

esclava, superMANA! - Thanks. Simple thoughts are sometimes most powerful.

Cori - Yes, the only thing that is constant is change. We hear that so many times, we know that, and yet we tend to forget or ignore it sometimes.

livinghigh - That is exactly what drew me to take this one.