Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Two times

The digital clock in front of me reads - 5:55

The one on the other wall reads - 22:22

Two different times
In the same place
One living in the present
The other in the past
Or perhaps
The future?

Time passes
Time zones
Sometimes taking us ahead
Sometimes leaving us behind
But always on time?

The minutes
Turn into hours
The hours
Turn into minutes
Which is which
In these two times?

The digital clock in front of me reads - 5:55

The one on the other wall reads - 22:22


Aradhita said...

Keen observation... and a unique train of thought process... leading to a philosophical exploration! (Our mind is a mystery!)

la devil said...

liked the way u hav correlated time zones to past n present. it made me think ;)

PoeticMermaid said...

Time is relative and egocentric, is it not? Your past could be my present. You know A, your one of the few who looks at the same thing from different perspectives...

:..M..: said...

This was a well written piece, esp this part stood out:

"Sometimes taking us ahead
Sometimes leaving us behind
But always on time?"

Phal said...

aha! I can finally leave comments! I loved the pictures below. Lightspeople love these things anyways...

The time thing, its like the twillight zone, you know, where you're ust not sure where or when you are. Or were. Or could be. Trapped.

livinghigh said...

hey time traveller ;-)
loved the pics in the earlier post.. kaun sa disc? ;-)

Elixir said...

:) or time is circular and not linear...so its jus going in circles.
ur present...my future...someone else's past...and not on a different plane even.
all interwoven...parallel universe..parallel lives...parallel times...
sumtimes taking us ahead
sumtimes leaving us behind...
but always on time??

Geetanjali said...

Fascinating thoughts - an acquaintance of mine has this watch which shows 4 difff time zones coz her husband travels alot. It's really freaky looking at it and thinking to myself, ok so I'm eating dinner here, while someone else is probably just waking up. It's nearly tomorrow for me, while they are just starting today...

Realities differ so much depending on the perspective you're viewing it from, doesn't it?

(Loved your comment Elixir!)

stan laurel said...

the best part of this poem is the clock mention at the end. it really brings the whole thing together. well done.

stan laurel said...

I read this again and I love where you take us readers. It's better the second time around.

Sudarshan said...

Very well written and very true indeed.

esclava said...

I think this goes to show that time is a matter of perspective...or at least this writing leads me along that train of thought.
I know that I have problems keeping track of things like time and often days, etc...
I pay it little attention, and it tries not to interfere with my life too much.

Anonymous said...

Damn it always takes so long until I can leave a comment! :-(

Same place but different time. While i'm typing some people are sleeping, some are having their breakfast or dinner.

When I think about it I find it quite amazing!

Miss Qt

Ariel said...

Sometimes the artificial nature of time becomes fairly obvious. Time is a construct I look forward to eventually "transcending."

Pincushion said...

Time is timeless! An illusion in a metaphysical way and so real in a practical sort of way...
Very interesting thoughts that you've presented here :)

Ubermensch said...


. : A : . said...

Aradhita - Thanks. The mind is indeed a mystery.

la devil - Thanks. Glad it could.

PoeticMermaid - Yes it is. Thanks.

:..M..:, Sudarshan - Thanks.

Phal - The comments thing has been giving a problem for a while now. Hope it is finally sorted out. Glad you liked the pictures.

livinghigh - Picked them up on one of my travels' night outs.

Elixir - Very interesting perspective.

Geetanjali - Thanks. And fascinating anecdote, about the watch. I never really knew anyone who wore one of those.

stan laurel - Thanks and thanks again. ;-)

esclava - Agree with you. Time is a matter of perspective.

Miss Qt - Yes it is.

Ariel - It does. Thanks for the link to your post.

Pincushion - Thanks. Glad you liked it.

Ubermensch - Yes, sigh it is! :-)

J said...

But the best part about life is when the hours turn into minutes and the minutes into seconds.

. : A : . said...

J - Yes, interesting perspective. Agree with you.