Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Another August

Au•gust (ô'gst)
n. Abbr. Aug.
The eighth month of the year in the Gregorian calendar.

Another August
Has come
Carried in by time

au•gust (ô-gǔst')
Inspiring awe or admiration; majestic.

Another august
Has come
To carry me away

au•gust (ô-gǔst')
Venerable for reasons of age or high rank.

Another august
Has come
Carrying away my thoughts


Yours Truly...Conman said...

what's ur fascination with August dude?
is it a state secret or somein?

PS: How do you post pictures in the middle of the text? been trying, doesn't happen...

Samudraa said...


The Arbit Council said...

neat post bro!

btw, fuji s5500 seems to be winning..!

gulnaz said...

ah augustus, augusutus, augustus!!
wishing you many more augusts and looking forward to reading more of you and them pictures are not too bad either!
congratulations on turning into an year old baby now ;)

jaded said...

happy birthday to u!
wow u have actually turned a year old in this imaginary world of ours..
btw am quite happy meself, u see i have turned a month old(blushing..)

the woman said...

August... reminds me of Ghost festivals.. perhaps.. the national day? Oh blah.

Nice post on the month.

transience said...

yes. a happyhappyjoyjoy august to you. and many more.

Renee Wagemans said...

This is great man
Nice pictures too


. : A : . said...

Yours Truly...Conman - A state secret? No, not at all. Not even a fascination. Just a part of the name of the blog. :-)

Samudraa, the woman - :-)

The Arbit Council - Thanks. So are you going for it?

gulnaz, jaded, transience - Thanks but not yet a year. August 19 is the date for that. :-)

Poems and Writings - Thanks!

Anonymous Poet said...

Ahhh. . . . the ending of summer. Sweet, humid melancholy.

Rahul said...

The second august for your blog...Great going.

Have you read "English August"? Or you Upamanyu Chatterjee :-)

jawaher said...

happy birth day and thanks million 4 ur nice comment on hopless's blog ..i really appreciate that :)

Anonymous said...

we are but two augusts who needs to be carried away... and shall i fly amongst your way?

mermaid said...

Always loved the name game. I guess you identify with all the definitions. Happy Birthday, if this is your birth month.

Anne said...

I love these pictures, especially the one of the castle.

Lorena said...

cool pictures. hope august carries you to many wonderful worlds that you will share with us :)

venus said...

i was guessing u were august born. wish u many more joyous augusts!
interesting pictures, one picture is tilted, and in another, the camera is tilted!

Diva said...

Absolutely perfect!

A Daydreamer said...

after august comes september...and after that october...then its november...and its my birthday :)lol

lovely it! so short yet so touching!

Itineranting said...
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Itineranting said...

Why August, August? And the first silhouette - is that of a Japanese man? Just curious.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

u remind me of Rahul Bose ......

even ur way of putting things across

Lancelot said...

nice touches.... "very very" thought provoking....

Bonatellis said...

isn't the second picture of Mumbai's VT?

J said...

What about this august?


heir to a lordly fortune

iamnasra said...

Another August has come
In every year when it cross my path
Making me one year older without my choice

Another August has come
Making me review my past living years
However I’m a soul not merely a child of time
I go beyond, even though my body will decease

Another August has come
I watch my fragile body of earth
Growing older in every passing year
Waiting to bid a farewell
As the day will come to free myself from this earthly weight
My soul will comprehend in a rejoice while those I leave behind cry for my depart
Deep down inside of them they know that I’m around
To them, they ache for I’m not part of their tangible life
by nasra al adawi

Written in inspiration of your poetry…
Thank you for such touching poem that made me write the above thoughts of mine

Billy said...

and august is shining hot in dominica. i won't hide. i won't complain. i want to shine too

Teleute said...

oh my god. you leave me absolutely speechless.

Paul said...

It all works. A really minor comment, and maybe nobody else got this and you didn't intend it:

But on that first picture, with the profile, the shape of the picure and the black strip across the top reminds me of a credit card! Suggestive maybe of taking a trip in August!

finnegan said...

almost just about nearly happy blog birthday---august is the hottest month (north of the equator). you've chosen a good time for skewered words over the fire.

Anne said...

I am so clever! I put a picture on my Blog!

jawaher said...

so A 4 ur name is the first latter in augest not the first letter of ur real name???what is the thing that makes augest special 2 u , while most ppl hate it cos its a hot month???????

luz de la luna said...

I really like the first picture. That's great. the angel makes the picture as well as the darkness that frames it.

August: art. :-)

- Martin

stan laurel said...

This poem is quite a celebration of you. Well done.

What are these symbols:


I am not too familiar with this.

. : A : . said...

Anonymous Poet - Exactly!

Rahul - Thanks. Yes, I have read it several times. Lots of hypothesis going around about my identity these days? ;-)

jawaher - Welcome. Not my birthday though.

Anonymous - Do fly.

mermaid - Thanks. Not my birthday though.

Anne, Lorena, venus, Diva Drip, Lancelot'sTake, finnegan, luz de la luna - Thanks.

A Daydreamer, ~*. D E E P A .* ~ - Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

Itineranting - I am not really sure if it was a Japanese man. He was oriental though.

Bonatellis - Not at all. It is from somewhere very very far away from VT.

J - I guess I missed it!

iamnasra - Thank you for your beautiful poem and words. Am glad I could evoke these words.

Billy - Shine on you ...

teleute - For the obvious or the not so obvious? ;-)

Paul - It was completely unintentional, but I see what you mean. A trip(s) is definitely on!

Anne - Congrats! Will come over and have a look.

jawaher - That my friend, is a secret.

stan laurel - Thanks. These are the phonetics for the word to aid in the right pronunciation.

dawn said...

Hello A
Haven't been around for awhile. I thought since it is August that I would resurface. Yes, yet another August is upon us--that is how we live--carried away by time with names like August. Nice thoughts. Loved the glowing pic. dawn

dawn said...

A: Loved the pics by the way. Is that you in shadows in the first one? dawn

Extempore said...

Oh my... staggeringly lovely work. Mere words, .:a:. are not enough! And am not being kind... merely honest. :)

May I link you?

yvaine said...

with you, august sounds so promising.

. : A : . said...

dawn - Welcome back! It is someone else in the shadows. I took the pic.

Extempore - Thanks! You are more than welcome to link me.

yvaine - :-)

Sudarshan said...

I like the picture with the Silhouette. Has your blogger turned one already? Belated greetings dude.

. : A : . said...

Sudarshan - Thanks, you wishes actually come a bit early! :-)

sneha said...

is it a coincidence or did august n evrything after come from counting crows?
happy blog birthday!

. : A : . said...

Sneha - No coincidence. It came from Counting Crows.

. : A : . said...

Sneha - And thanks!

Anonymous said...
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