Sunday, March 26, 2006

Uncertainly unwilling

If only
For a moment
She hesitated
When he looked her
In the eye

It was
This moment
That came back
To him
When she died

* * *

Figuratively speaking, of course. She was still alive. But not his anymore. That was when he thought back to that one moment of hesitation, of doubt. Of the doubt that lingered in everything, even if it did not creep up and show itself.

* * *

It was
This hesitation
That killed
The innocence
They had created

* * *

The world that was built upon the fragile illusions of the absence of reality. Of course it had to all break down someday. But not crumble like this. Not with deceit.

* * *

But everything does not end the way it is supposed to. Or so they would have him believe.


Anonymous said...

its electric..


i had an insight last nite quite literally(so unlike me&me)..

GEL said...

Terrific title for "that moment", "that hesitation", and that death.
Your gift of the precise and succinct is profound.

J said...

And I died.

adi said...

just replace 'she' with 'he' and u've got me nailed...

Parvati said...

Innocence just is.
It cannot be created.

"A world built upon fragile illusions of the absence of reality" seems to be the result of a deliberate self-conscious decision not to face truths, facts that must be staring in the face anyway, of two intelligent adults...

I don't know - I find that lies, slight ones or simple ones or important ones or cruel ones: lies always create a losing situation. And everyone involved becomes the victim.
As always, very interesting.

gotterdammerung-wanker said...

does anyone here watch FTV !!!

lol...hell NO ONE ?!?

how impressive :"Uncertainly unwilling" is it a KOAN ? perceptive !! i think i can fly now..

mermaid said...

So much time wasted in separating what is and what isn't real. Believe in what is here, what is now, and it won't matter if it was ever real.

Eka said... always

PS: I've blogrolled/linked u up at my blog. Had emailed u...but didnt get a reply.

First Rain said...

Why didn't I let it go?
The moment she said no.
Yet, I'll do it again.
Just to relive the pain.

piyali, said...

fragile illusion- awesome piece... loved reading it.. keep posting..

Phoenix said...

Since when did u start explaining in so many words....
sounds like a musical tragedy though...when a deep voice fills in the lyricless gaps with the gravity of the tragedy, or the tragedy of the gravity.

Everything does end the way it is supposed to. only we have always been uncertainly unwilling to believe thus.

Elixir said...


yvaine said...

Beautiful. Very insightful.

What's an ending to me may not have been an ending to another. Vice versa.

Which is the real ending?

Was there even one?

We'll never really know.