Thursday, March 30, 2006

I’ve traveled

I have stopped existing in your world.

I mean, I do exist but only just about. It is not a struggle for life or anything like that. I have just blended in and am now in a dark forgotten corner. The rage has simmered to memory. And I just lie there. And watch.

* * *

I have started shining in a new world.

I mean, I was always there but as someone else. It is something like your world but nothing like it. I have just blended in and am now in the spotlight. The novelty has set fire to a passion. And I just go out. And create.


Parvati said...

Most satisfying words "And (I) create". The rest doesn't matter.
...Nothing comes close to the moment when one creates - be it a painting, be it as a writer, or a composer.
Even sharing what one has lovingly and helplessly created, with people who might understand and appreciate fully, is just a dispensable joy.

To create is complete in itself. Perfect.

Anonymous said...



First Rain said...

I am still waiting to fade out of your world before I can fade in into another.

I wonder if my one life be enough for both.

bluegreenflysplat said...

this is fun. why is there a pop-up connected to you tho?

yvaine said...

You had me at "I have stopped existing in your world."

Why does this feel like a piece on revenge?

atomicvelvetsigh said...

a very touching piece. and..
somehow i felt guilty. dunno why...

how are you btw? i havent been visiting much blogs lately..

transience said...

i read this in a totally different, refreshing way. like you've come full circle.

Prat said...

its like what someone very dear to me wrote in a poem, long ago.
life creates its own death..

iamnasra said...

I have traveled in others world
I just wonder if I do my own ride without being out of obligation. Just travel my own path, take a journey by my own accord

Would that be something

Thanks for your enlightening writing. Its because of you we go back and learn its not just to write but write from your core

ishmi said...

As usual, wonderful! :)