Saturday, October 29, 2005

Too much colour

It’s too much to take in, in one go. The brilliant colours. The dazzling smiles. The expected unexpected.

But what stands out the most is the colour. The vibrancy of everything that you look at. Every tone, hue and texture. It even comes out the way I see it. In black and white. I can catch sight of the colours even though I can’t see them.

This is just one of the many contradictions that come to me today. In so many ways.

But then the moment overtakes me. It brings to me the feeling of being here now. Of not knowing what to do. Of not knowing why I am here. Of not knowing.

This is interesting. But I never expected it to be so.


rusty said...

The interesting coated with hues of nonexpectancy is always pleasant. Happy Diwali...hope you have a delightful and vibrant time.

mermaid said...

Sometimes the best gifts in life are the unexpected surprises.

Jay said...

"Of not knowing what to do. Of not knowing why I am here. Of not knowing."


shyloh said...

Hello. Life is awesome. Just a beautiful window of stained
glass. So I see in anyway. How are you doing?

gulnaz said...

life can make you dizzy sometimes. you got to stand back and take a deep breath to make sense of it and soemtiems it takes more than a few deep breaths.

Casablanca said...

The expected unexpectness... something I complain about, but I still love. The surprises, the twists, the randomness. Life always has something to keep us on our toes :)

Aristocrat said...

For me, life is just basically how you handle shit and make choices. A very pessimisstic view, no?

Mitsy D Shet said...

The master of them all.

You are a superb writer. The smooth and gentle way you unload your crystal clear thoughts on this blog is admirable. It leaves the reader gasping for more.

Cheers to more creative writing.

Anonymous said...

colour has this way of just grabbing you. it changes everything. completely completely everything. there isnt so much colour left in the city anymore. i miss pink. and yellow.


Dreamy Eyed Gal said...

As i've sed b4...luv ur style of writing!!!

jawaher said...

The expected unexpected.
there are many many meanings behind these few words

your choice of ur idea and words are wounderful always :D
you always amaze me :)

Gypsy Girl said...

You say you don't know why, but everything you express says you in fact do truly "know", so thus, you show us the way.

Extempore said...

To be able to see the way you do is a rare and precious gift indeed. Didn't quite understand your point till I read this a few times. I think I see... but only just.


aristera says said...

aw, but of all your posts i hv read till date, if any, then this post needs a pic, the most.

stella said...

Even in moments of black and white, or uncertainty, your vision remains clear. I'm always amazed by you.

Brood Mode said...

beautifully captured. The writing evokes such a vivid scene that it makes up for the lack of a pic in this post! Happy Diwali to you!

Euphoric Dreamer said...

brilliant !

Happy diwali !

Pincushion said...

As always you've captured the contrasts and opposites in a striking succinct style :)

aquamarine said...

Life is like a kaleidoscope! Each shade has its own meaning and there is beauty in everythign we see.

Happy Diwali


iamnasra said...

Season Change
Bringging and leaving
Many colors
Some we miss
Some we forget
Till our eyes remmeber its sight
We wait for it
Wanting that feeling
When the first time our eyes
Glimsed on the spark of colors
Many gift nature than can not be painted by humen hands

Thanks for reminding me that

. : A : . said...

rusty, Brood Mode, EUPHORIC DREAMZ, aquamarine - Thanks and a Happy Diwali to you too.

mermaid, Casablanca - True, so true.

Jay - Yes.

shyloh - Doing great!

gulnaz - Yes, it can.

Aristocrat - A view nonetheless.

Mitsy D Shet - Thanks for dropping by and for your comment.

Phal - It does grab you. Hope the colour comes back for you.

mysterygal, jawaher, Gypsy Girl, stella, Pincushion - Thanks.

Extempore - :-)

aristera says - I felt a pic would have distracted from the writing in this one rather than complement it.

iamnasra - Thanks for sharing your lovely words here.

Zee said...

a collention of moments, all unexpected. that's life. :)

garnet david said...

fantastic little vignette, rumination painting

. : A : . said...

Zee - Exactly.

Garnet - Thanks.

J said...

Your post had something lyrical and flowy about it.
It was as if the words had the power to weave diversities together.
It was as if a mammoth roll of cloth had been unfurled and unvieled, unmasking a mystery.

. : A : . said...

J - Thanks for your wonderful perspective!