Friday, December 24, 2004

Unconscious consciousness

In my half consciousness, the sounds that I hear in the night are of the passing trains and the barking dogs. Of course, there are the other sounds, of the traffic passing by and the sounds of the neighbourhood ‘Chinese whispering’ into our home. But none as crystal clear as these two.

They fight
Over their territory
They think they own
And then they are reminded
That it doesn’t belong to them
By stones that come hurling toward them

Pass By
On their way
Through to another land
Carrying distant hopes through here
Hopes of meeting lost lovers again
But the hope remains while life continues

In my consciousness, the sounds that I hear in the night are the other sounds, of the traffic passing by and the sounds of the neighbourhood ‘Chinese whispering’ into our home. Of course, there are the passing trains and the barking dogs. But not as crystal clear as the others.

Passing by
The sound lingers
Until replaced with another
Like memories that fade out
And then wait to be replaced
Sometimes the cycle breaks making memories eternal

That permeate
Through these walls
And into our lives
Bring with them complications unwanted
But Chinese whispers kill the complications
And what we hear isn’t what is

* * *

Update: A note on the writing style of the above pieces - each one of them comprise of lines carrying one extra word than the previous line.


Anonymous said...

"Bring with them complications unwanted"
Perfectly said! WOW!

Ubermensch said...

Neat. i knew it wud be more faithful to emotions than mine.

livinghigh said...

Chinese whispers in my brain now... ;-)
i read the post at 12.45 at night - imagine the profound impact it's had on me, then! ;-)

Jessica said...

not sure why I came up as annonymous up there but that was me, and I just read this again and am finding many parrallels the more I think about it.

Phal said...

I loved it! Its so clever! I dont know what more to say. I'm reading it at 12:20 in the night, and well, its just so clever. not profound, but still, im a little slow. also, maybe a tad high.

Paris said...

Hi there A!!

Miss Qt said...

Weird things happen when you're half conscious. It's strange how things can be different from a state of being to another one. I like being half conscious just like I like dreaming (unconscious talks) cuz I can see or feel things I cant when im conscious.

Pincushion said...

Agastya, I don't know where you are located exactly, but I think you are probably in the S.E Asian region of Thailand/Indonesia/India...I am worried about the aftermath of the Tsunamis..please let me know you are alright, drop me a line if you can on my blog or yours..I'll check again..(i am currently in India, came here on a holiday) take well..

. : A : . said...

Jessica - Thanks. Glad you can relate to it and draw parallels.

ubermensch - You flatter me too much! :-) I loved yours!

livinghigh, Phal - :-) This has turned out to be a past midnight post.

Paris - Hi. I tried to go back to your blog via the link, but you have none listed in your profile. Do drop me your link next time you visit!

Queen Mo - Yes, shifting your state of being shifts your perspective completely.

Pincushion - Thanks for your concern. I am deeply touched. I did leave a message on your blog sometime back saying that I am safe and okay, but am repeating here just in case you check this.

Cori said...

Congrats on the "BOB" nomination! You deserve it!

Free Spirit said...

I can always expect to find something good in your blog. Happy holidays.

. : A : . said...

Cori - Thanks a lot. Voting starts on Jan 1. Will add a link to my blog by then. :-)

Free Spirit - Happy holidays to you too!

dewdrop said...

clap, clap, beautiful!

. : A : . said...

dewdrop - :-) *Bows* Thanks.