Monday, September 13, 2004

Writing is an escape

Sometimes writing is an escape. It can take you away. From where you are. But not always to where you want to be. Because when you are writing intensely, you let your writing carry you away to where it wants to go. And you have to follow. You submit to it. That is when I find I can write the best of my stuff. The submission is important. You have to let yourself go. And it is tough. Particularly the first time. It is not easy to let go and let your writing control you while you remain a mute spectator to it.

Going with the flow.

But where? You can't see where the road, or rather the river is going to take you. River is more accurate I think. A flowing gushing river. Where you don't have much control. But if you relax, you will do better than to resist it. Kind of like the first time you kiss someone. Or rather the first time you are kissed by someone. Hhmmm. Interesting thought. The difference between the two is quite a bit I must say. The initiator and the initiated. And that can make all the difference.

But I digress.

So now, as I write this - what comes to my mind - I have totally forgotten about all the stuff that happened today or what is supposed to happen next. I am just letting my thoughts flow on writing.

Yes, writing is an escape.


sneha said...

specially liked the bit abt the initiator n the initiated. sumtimes, thrs a world of diff b/w the 2.

. : A : . said...

sneha - Agree.

iamnasra said...

How true..but at the end of the day..we want ot be in control to have an upper hands in everything we do, we can not spare writing from this

. : A : . said...

iamnasra - Interesting perspective.

ishmi said...

You are right.
Writing is indeed an escape. But from what to where? We get lost anyway. Or maybe find our true self.