Saturday, September 04, 2004

Modern Day Amnesia

It's been a rough week. Lots of stuff to do. Shifting into my new place. Trying to get things in order. Running around. Life!

Relaxing now, and musing over the past week. Strangely I don't remember much of it. Actually just flashes from here and there but barely a few. My memory of the week past by seems to have disappeared from my brain, even though so much has happened in the last week. Some sort of amnesia. Probably modern day amnesia?

Memories are strange. Sometimes even the smallest of details - like the smell of a room 6 years ago won't leave you but what happened 6 days ago goes blank. Like that.

Trying to think back to some of the small details I can remember. And there are lots. Mostly from childhood.

Childhood seems to burn a lot of memories into your mind.

And they seem to come back again and again sometimes. Early memories shape future ones. Memories that are similar seem to be easier to remember. Memories that associate itself with the same place, same people too. I am sure there is a lot of study behind this and probably a science. Must remind myself to look it up. Will be fascinating I am sure.

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Poetry said...

24 JUne 2007 (even tide)

A study of Sun Rays (Crespuscular)

Running to find the end of the rainbow.

Running to find that shaft glory--to be bathed in light.

Bearing the soul to the divine.

Seeking rest, surcease and cleansing all at once.

Faith like a waterfall--full, abundant and never ceasing.

28 June 2007

The tumbled majesty of evening clouds.

At dusk the remaining cumulus lurk on the horizon.

Tall, muscular clouds like ponderous ships plying the twilight.

Whistiling past a thunder storm.