Thursday, January 14, 2010


On the other side of the window, there was no sound. No sound of the city coming to life. No beep beeps of the distant horns. No humming of the traffic. No clanking of metal against metal. No muffled voices.

There was only light. Changing light. Patterns forming and disrupting. Flickering flashes. Orange turning yellow turning white. Tightening pupils. Clinging crows feet. Not there yet, but desperately trying to make a mark.

Fingers touched the thick window. A light misty vapour outlining the fingers. Trailing fingers down the dark glass. Smudges. A heavy sigh. The steam forms and with it a new kaleidoscope to the city. Slowing transforming.


It was time. To hear the sound.


Judy said...

I liked your writing in 2006 so I bookmarked your blog. I have had a hiatus from normal life myself, so was delighted to see new words from 2010. Thanks, you create some nice pictures with those words.

gulnaz said...

can you imagine my delight at finding a fresh post from you? I hope you have a good imagination! thank you.

shunyata said...

I cannot express the joy it gives me to see a new post from you! Please do keep pouring your thoughts in, whenever you find the time. It is liberating for the rest of us!