Sunday, January 13, 2008


She welcomed him back with open arms.

* * *

But this was a different side of her that he was going to see.

The scratches on the surface would give away to deeper scars. To scars of torture, twinge and torment. To the past that he knew about, but had not felt, not seen. Whether he had been reluctant to look beyond, or she had been to open up more – they were not sure. But now was the time.

Unexpected but overdue.

He had to see how she came to where she was today. The path that was taken, and left behind. The bygones that would never be bygone. Reality.

She was ready to bite. And he, to be bitten.

* * *

She welcomed him back with open arms. After all, he was coming back.


{illyria} said...

reading this is like coming home to something familiar.

livinghigh said...

wowch. painful bites? :)

Karthik said...

Painfully familiar. Excellent work.