Friday, September 29, 2006


When I walked into this dream for the first time, it didn’t seem like a dream. Everything seemed the way it was supposed to be. Nothing was out of place. It all fell in together. Except for her. She made it dreamlike.

The way the light fell, you could tell it was manipulated. Soft. Glowing. Highlighting. Shining, but not bright enough to make you look away. It drew me in. Softly but surely.

Now, there you go, wondering. How can light be manipulated? That is because dreams are a manipulation of the reality that we might want to see. Not wish for. But maybe, just want to see. To see what it might look like. It is a safe place after all. What’s the worst that can happen? You can wake up.

But I was not waking up this time. This was real. Or so it seemed.

To draw the circle complete – the shutter opened and closed. Click.

The dream of the viewfinder was over. It had all come to be. The frame had been frozen, the way I wanted it to be. The photograph was a dream. And it had been created. Manipulated.


Pecos Blue said...

wow what a thought to view pictures or life as pistures through a viewfinder.

Hiren said...

Dreams are used to get an insight by psychiatrists on what the patient is thinking.

As for light, it can be brought into a room but darkness cannot be brought out of a room. so light can be manipulated.

Aristocrat said...

Where have you disappeared to?

iamnasra said...

Its been awhile soo true...Hope all is well with you ..hope to hear from you soon

mermaid said...

Sometimes the distortions are what we bend to.

Love the metaphors. Keep bending the words.

gulnaz said...

and that is why it doesnt sound happy.

wonderful to have you back.

Parvati said...

:) It is like a tango of toggles - a dream now, reality now; anyway, so long as you got your wish/want to see the reality that you wanted to; frozen though it is, a manipulated outcome though it is!