Thursday, August 31, 2006

The terrace

I have never meant
to see this
or the way
it would be

You know
the reason
is you

I know
the reason
is you

why won't we
say it

Why don't
we see beyond
what we want
to see

Where are we
going to go
from here
if we don't know
where we are

The great wide open
is waiting
we don't think
it is there

we are looking
for it
a key hole

And the key
lies in
the truth
we shy from

The truth
that is hidden
these words

do we
from here


gulnaz said...

wow you are back!!!!
missed your words!!!!!

gulnaz said...

absolutely fantastic!
the uncertain is scary like hell and yes we see only what we choose to. or as you say, we look through a key hole. great!

Parvati said...

Should life be filled with only dysfunctional relationships? Is it that impossible to have at least one great intelligent relationship with someone we truly like and who too likes us? Won't honesty in communication at least remove this impatient ambiguity that deliberate ignorance spreads between people?

# The hiatus between posts in this blog is uncanny.

mermaid said...

The keyhole is as narrow or wide as we make it. Wise, as always. Words are your way, as they are mine. Sometimes they fit to unlock the door of blindness, sometimes they keep us stuck where we are.

Cori said...

Glad you're back!

livinghigh said...

standing on a terrace, wondering what to say, or what NOT to say?

Aristocrat said...

Welcome back, my friend. Miss your words...

iamnasra said...

Where we go from here is a question that remains in all of us...Its more scary is not being prepared for where we are going...

Its been awhile but as always I love being here

Hope to hear from you soon

MotoRama said...

Hey Buddy!
Good to see u back! Remember that last scene in Finding Nemo when the fishes in the tank escape and roll over into ocean across the bridge and asks "What Now ?"

Somehow once u break the door and see the whole picture, i get a feeling, you might be asking the same question. Life's too boring without the keyhole view.

Aradhita said...

Loved this.
(And I dont quite believe you were ever gone)