Sunday, May 14, 2006

Idle thoughts on a Tuesday afternoon

I want to get away
From the madness
And meaninglessness
Of this materialistic


I think
I should have chosen
The life
That he has


I will
Like him
A second time


I find
The same questions


That I am asking them
Too early
But is there a thing
As too early


What was it
That they say
Better late than never
Don’t quite agree
With that really


The thought
Has crossed
My mind now
Why should I
Let it pass


There is
So much left to do
So much left to see
And today
Is not enough


amitken said...

yesterday was never utilized,
and today is never enough.

Susan Abraham said...

Very nice, A, and that's an interesting if not mythical description of your profile too.
best wishes

illusion said...

today is never enough. but what exactly is enough?

kriths said...

Each today, well-lived, makes yesterday a dream of happiness and each tomorrow a vision of hope. Look, therefore, to this one day, for it and it alone is life.”
~ Sanskrit Poem
The moment i read about august fever Iam reminded of th above poem.

Brood Mode said...

"And today
Is not enough"

It never is, it's a race you keep running. There's a fear that will not let you stop

the wannabe indian punkster said...

It's never 'too early' to ask.

I guess.

mermaid said...

Today is not enough if it is but a stepping stone to the other side.

Darius said...

"Today is enough and not enough."

The Buddha

Well, okay, I made that up.

musafir said...

Good to see you back! :)

And yes, once the questions tire you out, the only thing that keeps you going is the fact that,

"There is
So much left to do
So much left to see"

And that the whole of your life is not enough at times.

Existential piece. But then show me something which is not!

Anonymous said...

Sense of futility,it's inevitable!

dax said...

im lacking for words. i'm also lacking any feeling in my feet.

Dreamy Eyed Gal said...

Glad to c u back here...and the thought process is somewhat like wot i'm goin thru at present..

Parvati said...

"But is there a thing as too early" - what is, is; and when you ask yourself something at some point in time, it is because your whole life has led to that asking. Early and late are labels that we paste on events, thoughts, actions after all enters the mental maze and we use reason and rationality and common sense to judge and decide on what is what - too soon, too late, just at the right time so on and so forth.

I dont know why, but simply loved this post. Somehow, I find it very beautiful.

transience said...

will it ever be enough? our time here, i mean? everyday i ponder that over tea. and i find i don't even have enough time to enjoy the damn thing. we move too fast, and our lives, much faster.

bert moth said...

I enjoyed the subconscious aspect of this. I think we all question what we have time for and try to squeeze everything in.

Wild Reeds said...


Anonymous Poet said...

I love the alliteration of the opening stanza. It's a very nice set-up for the rest

Anonymous said...

its been awhile This poem it reminds me that Im not taking enough to utlize the time and today seem not enough to achieve the ste goals ukh

Yvaine said...

And then she runs and runs,
she keeps on running
to see how far she can go
without stopping.

Billy said...

today is not enough but it better work.

Ph said...

Lovely verse. As always.

Pincushion said...

...but yesterday was today too and tomorrow will be today too..more than enough, don't you think so?

Anonymous said...


Sorry to say but all your posts sound the same. Disconnected, pseudo-intellectual and sometimes even meaningless.

stan laurel said...

There is never a thing as too early. You need to listen to some Moody Blues. You will know what song I mean...if you look.

Anonymous said...

Oooo, I like the structure so much! Very nice indeedy!

Ekta said...

So much left to do!
Isnt that the story of all our life..EVERYDAY!

iamnasra said...

I m having a tribute for Gulnaz ( I hope you can visit and spread the chain in tribute of Gulnaz

Anonymous said...

Where are you?

medusa said...

i am glad
that i landed
up here

Anonymous said...

Your words strike a responsive chord - dawn,